Corvette Artist Statement

I am interested in the intersection between capitalism and daily activities. Specifically how consumer culture is intertwined with crowd sourcing, mapping, and transportation. Extracting from my own experiences of psychological space as I interact with architecture and social situations, my work focuses on shifts of perceptions in relation to constructed realities. By reflecting on my recovered way of being after a brain aneurysm, I paint the interconnectedness of existence from an aerial perspective that relates a narrative about human connectiveness and the desires to consume. I am occupied with the consciousness of being emotionally connected to the space that is around me both visually and intuitively. By utilizing the theories of Lefebvre’s production of space, Foucault’s biopolitics, Soja’s thirdspace, Mouffe’s agonistic pluralism and Deutsch’s art in public space, I view my artwork as constructing realities that reflect the study of consciousness and ways of being with public space, colour, social situations, and architecture.

My practice involves utilizing the methodology of ethnographic research with direct observation of cityscapes and crowd movements from the tops of buildings and establishing documentation of such views through videos and photography, as well as field sketches. Having completed this stage, I return to my studio to locate patterns within street landscapes and to reinterpret them in multilayered forms. The abstraction focuses on the applied use of local colour often intersected with stochastic colours to create a commentary upon city existence. Therefore, the paintings themselves are often flat, bright, and abstract, yet derived from the ethnographic research of the city patterns relating back to human connectivity and critical social theory.

Finally, by bringing my art practice into public space for my series of interventions, I focus on articulating the loopholes found in current structures of societal laws. I am interested in places of neglect that reflect society’s discarded, abandoned, and deconstructed areas. It is here where I am able to directly connect with public spaces, colours, and growing population concerns such as gentrification and biopolitical manipulations. My interventions raise awareness of biopolitical issues within the current neoliberal situation.